Ian Robinson

My practice explores the relationships between natural and constructed environments. The work usually consists of the construction of installations that utilise the language and aesthetics of architecture, landscape design and ecology to negotiate the complex perceptions we have of the natural world. The primary activity and concern within these works is the growing and cultivation of plants from seeds, namely species that are associated with industry and agriculture such as barley, rye, lentils and chickpeas.

The plants grow and mimic the shapes and structures they are contained in, but as they continue to grow and untimely die, they start to break free of these methods of organisation that are imposed upon them. These elements instigate a dialogue around our expectations of and reliance on natural and technological resources exposing the fragility and uncertainty between nature and culture.


b. 1989, Lancashire, UK

Lives and Works in London, UK


2012 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK

2009 Foundation, ManchesterĀ Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK


Selected Group Shows:

BA Fine Art Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, June 2012

Translations, Triangle Gallery, London, February 2012

Chutney Preserves, Camberwell Arts Festival, London, June 2011

HELLO FRIENDS, Acquire Gallery, London, March 2011

Symbiotic, AIA, London, July 2010

Lawrence Weinar Collective, Pigeon Wing Gallery, London, February 2010

Links: https://vimeo.com/infoianrobinson


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